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M.A.C.I. - The origin of the museum and its historical location

Villa Faravelli has been the location of M.A.C.I. since February 2006, by hosting the permanent Collection "Architect Lino Invernizzi".

The Villa is a jewel of 40's architecture , surrounded by a wide park which faces the new Imperia's harbour. It was built after the will of the industial  Umberto Faravelli, under the direction of the Engineer Francesco Muratorio. The building is a unique example of neorinascimental and rational desing.

Villa Faravelli has been reopened to the public in 2005 with a personal exhibition of George Baselitz, after six years of careful renovation under the direction of the architect
Marco Calvi. The organization of the interiors has followed the original plan, as well as details such as tapestries and architectural elements, renovated with philological spirit.

In November 2016 the CMC Cooperative took over the manegement of MACI.

Born in Sanremo in 2001, in these sixteen years of activity the CMC has realized many cultural initiatives: has curated publications and exhibitions, has organized and produced festivals, theatre shows and both musical and literary expositions, working together with important actors and directors of the national scene.
CMC developes now the project and the idea of bringing in the area of Imperia the most contemporary art languages. From museum set-up to live shows, CMC promotes a new multicultural project, by creating at M.A.C.I. an environment of meeting and experimentation.



The Invernizzi collection

The Invernizzi Family and the story of the Collection

The permanent Collection of modern art by the Architect Lino Invernizzi was donated to the city by his widow Maria Teresa Danè.

Lino Invernizzi was a famous architect, well known in the area of Genova. Lino was Angelo Invernizzi' son, the builder who realized the skyscraper of Piazza Dante - in Genova, under the project of Marcello Piacentini - and Villa Girasole in Marcellise, homeland of the Invernizzi Family.

The bequest includes kind of seventy artworks - among paintings and sculptures -  from the main artists, both italian and international, of the second half of the Nineteenth Century. The Collection represents an important proof of the national and international evolution of art after the Second World War.

Among the authors Victor Vasarely, Mario Radice, Robert e Sonia Delunay, Ennio Morlotti, Josef Albers, Marino Marini, Frantisek Kupka, Lucio Fontana, Piero Dorazio, Vittorio Tavernari, Carlo Nangeroni e Renato Birolli.

The valutation of the Collection is estimated around 2.5 millions of euro.

Shows 2017

Time '17



25/03 > 21/05

After one year from the passing of the White Duke, the exhibition “David Bowie - The Real Face”, a tribute to the most influential music icon of the last 50 years, has showed the artworks of the main artists of the contemporary italian pop art.

Important names have been hosted during the exhibition, each one committed in his own personal homage to the great english singer.

Among all, Marco Lodola, famous international artist and big music fan, has brought to  M.A.C.I. his amazing and famous light boxes, in a game of shapes and lights inside the interiors of Villa Faravelli and more.

The show has seen the exceptional display to the public of the original mask of Bowie's face, realized in 1975 during the take of The man who fell to earth– 1976.

Special guest during the big vernissage of the exhibition, Red Ronnie - italian music critic - who has charmed the public with the story of his meeting with the man who gave birth to the character of Ziggy Stardust.



02/07> 02/07

The italian visual artist Luca Saini has realized a site-specific project for the interiors of Villa Faravelli: an innovative work conceived to add value to the rich rooms of the  Villa, in a renewed discover of its atmosphere, by guiding the public into an interactive and sensorial experience.

Multimedia installations and Saini's videos has been mixed to gave life and sound to a visual art project about the concept fo vibration and undulatory phenomenon.

This is the origin of “VBR”, a multimedia artwork between art, music and science, that has examinated the concept of invisibility of the sound and the possibility of its visible representation, by giving life to a mobile image.



13/07 > 27/08

Form the 13th of July in the rooms of Villa Faravelli and its park have been occupied by the fantastic creatures of Carin Grudda, international artist deeply-rooted in Liguria.

Her surreal and suggestive bestiary has animated a new expositive path in the park of  M.A.C.I., by involving the public into the discover of the wonderful landscapes that surround the Villa, in a new "enchanted garden".

The sculptures realized in bronze in a natural scale by the german artist based in Lingueglietta, have evokated a dreamy atmopshere, and have populated a story where the chacacters were dogs, birds, jokers, ballerinas and kings, characterized by an essential and childisch design, with nonsense shapes linked to a funny homage to Dada. Brilliant colours, dominated by the turquoise, decorated with golden details, and littered by misterious and evocative graphic signs.



Mr Blue live at Villa Faravelli
Mr Blue live at Villa Faravelli

It's time for jazz again at Villa Faravelli!
To finish 2017 with the right vibes M.A.C.I. is pleased to host Mr. Blue Sextet Live!

Mr. BLUE is the title of a composition by Igor Iabichino adapted for a sextet that boasts the participation of successfull jazz players from all over Italy, guests at Villa Faravelli to present live a new unreleased album!

Igor IABICHINO at the piano
Roberto ROSSI one of the greatest trombonist on the stage
Fabio PETRETTI well known composer and orchestra director at the sax tenor and soprano 
Livio ZANELLATO excellent cool sax player and dynamic bopper at the high sax
Aldo ZUNINO virtuoso double bass player
Roberto PAGLIERI refined drummer

Free entrance
Happy hour offered by I sognatori....

The FAI Young Group presentation at VillaFaravelli
The FAI Young Group presentation at VillaFaravelli

Imperia's FAI Group has been guest at MACI Museum of Contemporary Art on Sunday 10th of September to announce the new Imperia's FAI Young Group and to discover the Invernizzi Collection and Villa Faravelli.

The visit has been followed by happy hour and live jazz music in the park.


26/03/17 - Settimio Benedusi Lectio Magistralis on the History of Photography
26/03/17 - Settimio Benedusi Lectio Magistralis on the History of Photography

Sunday 26th of March meeting with the local photographer Settimio Benedusi, nowadays international name, who has hold a lectio magistralis at Villa Faravelli, by telling his own experience and vision behind the lens...from Sports Illustrated till his great and first love, Imperia's sea.


11/03/2018 - Voila' la Belle Epoque!
11/03/2018 - Voila' la Belle Epoque!

Villa Faravelli is pleased to host the first review "Donne in cammino", with a concert - talking about the female figure. 
From Queen Margherita to Mata Hari, from La Bella Otero to Maria Montessori, from Marie Curie to Eleonora Duse: the voice of Raffaella Ranise will tell the stories of these and other women which have given a strong tribute to the emancipation of the female figure in history.
The talk will be followed by the music of three international artist, based in Liguria: the soprano Angelica Cirillo, the pianist Cinzia Bartoli and the violinist Giovanni Sardo.

The concert will be on donation from 5.30 pm, from 4.30 pm it will be possible to join a tour to the artworks of the important permanent collection Architetto Lino Invernizzi, host in the beautiful location of Villa Faravelli.

"La Belle Epoque has been the most fasinating of all illusions,a chimera that in barely twenty years has overwhelmed the world as a tornado, a carousel spinning at a passionate rhythm, to vanish as fast as it arrived (on the path of the Orient Express)"
Raffaella Ranise

You are all welcome to join the magic atmosphere of the Belle Epoque!

info: 0183.297927 - 338.6191434 - [email protected]



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